From shabbat service music to family friendly country songs...

Kabbalat K'tan Shabbat by Lisa Silver and Terri Simon

Kabbalat K'Tan Shabbat
A Shabbat evening experience for the young and the young at heart. Using music as the vehicle to capture the essence of the liturgy in an engaging and memorable way, Kabbalat K'tan Shabbat increases familiarity with the Friday night prayer service. Created by Teri Simon and Lisa Silver.

Mosaic by Lisa Silver

Liturgical pieces and Jewish themed music in a variety of original settings. There are pieces to sing with kids, for kids, for adults, and anthems. Featuring top Nashville studio musicians, and a duet with Michael Hunter Ochs of Gesher.

Micah Kids Choir

Micah Kids Choir
Fun and original songs for children's choirs and family services to brighten the celebrations of the Jewish year. Written by Lisa Silver, Teri Simon and friends.

My Forever Family by Lisa Silver and Wendy Spira

My Forever Family
Songs about adopting and being adopted. This wonderful CD includes songs for both children and adults. A moving musical journal of the adoption process, and happy fun filled songs introduce adoption in a way that kids of all ages can understand and sing about.

Celebration of Country by Lisa Silver

Celebration of Country
Charlie Daniels, Faith Hill, Chet Atkins and more of country music's brightest stars shine on this one of a kind recording, produced by Lisa Silver, that celebrates the special diversity of our nation and its children.